Water Quality Assessment

Baseline Water Quality Monitoring

The health of your lake is determined by its clarity, and our water quality assessment can figure that out. Clarity of lakes is determined by available nutrients both coming into the lake and persisting in the lake.

We can advise on what, when, and how to sample, and then work with you to interpret results in the larger context of your lake's health. Then we either come take the samples ourselves or train you (providing you the necessary material)

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Citizen's Volunteer Monitoring is a program where volunteers collect water samples once a month for five months over the summer.  

Water samples are analyzed for total phosphorus and chlorophyll a and can be compared to hundreds or even thousands of other contributing lakes.  

Good baseline data can help provide evidence to funding agencies when things go wrong with your lake.

There are many lakes in Minnesota who have participated for 20+ years faithfully.  These long-term records are useful to indicate trends in water quality over time.  

We can help enroll you to a program and manage data to include interpretations and uploads to the MPCA master database.

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