Fisheries Assessment

General Community Survey & Identification

Survey data from the DNR Fisheries surveys is available to the public, but few individuals or companies have the technical skills to use them.  Using this data we can:

  • Analyze the fish community structure
  • Understand the changes over time
  • Determine year-class strengths and age structure of populations
  • Configure stocking success through genetics
  • Analyze fish condition
  • Analyze habitat for high value nurseries
  • Create maps of likely fish habitats
  • Model for "what-if" scenarios using IBM.
  • Recommend stocking and other management.

We can also analyze habitat for high value nurseries based on plant availability, Spawning areas for species based on bottom hardness and depth.  We can create maps of likely fish habitats for target species based on transitions, points, which is perfect for fisher persons. Finally, we can do modeling for "what-if" scenarios using IBM.  We can recommend stocking and other management.


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