What is Limnopro Aquatic Science, Inc.?

Limnopro Aquatic Science, Inc. is a complete lake, river, and wetland management company,  providing consulting and professional services for governmental agencies, lake associations and lake improvement districts, engineering firms, nonprofits, and individuals. We operate out of St. Cloud, Minnesota and serve groups primarily in Minnesota.  We are determined to provide you a high value for your investment by providing expertise backed up with advanced training and experience to help manage your aquatic environments.

Our Name

Limnopro is a combination of two words “limnology” and “professional”. The word “limnology” means “the study of freshwater lakes, rivers, and wetlands” and “professional” indicates that our services are provided with advanced training and experience.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality services and expert advice, grounded in what is known from past scientific literature and carefully collected data, for stakeholders who have a commitment to maintaining or increasing the value of lakes, rivers, and wetlands in the long-term.

Our Vision

To become the most relied upon aquatic environmental consultant company in the upper Midwest, making significant contributions toward the conservation of the natural beauty and utility of lakes, rivers, and wetlands, all the while providing a high value for your dollar.

Our Approach

Limnopro takes great pride in going the extra mile for insuring a positive and bright future for Minnesota’s lakes. We approach every situation with the intention of maintaining or improving the natural beauty of our state’s wetlands. Our company’s approach is broken into three definable sections:

Group 20

Measuring Lake Vital Signs

While a doctor checks the health of patients in many different ways, we check the health of lakes, rivers, and wetlands in many different ways (e.g., nutrient levels, oxygen, types of plants, conversation of algae, and etc). Because every lake is unique, knowing your lake's particular vital signs is our first step.

Group 21

Providing Lake Diagnoses

After assessing how “healthy” your lake is, we devise measurable strategies to heal, maintain or improve it’s health. We all know some lake problems are easier to manage than others. We will explain lake conditions and trade-offs in management activities in terms you’ll understand.

Group 23

Treating the Problems

Just as you want the best and most qualified doctor working on your health, you want the best scientists working on your lake, and we believe we are the best. We deliver expertly provided services, and if we are not qualified to give what you need, we can refer you to other experts that can provide what we can't.

Discover for yourself the Limnopro Advantage!