Aquatic Invasive Species

AIS Early Detection Surveys

Once invasive species become established in a lake, they are virtually impossible to eradicate.  If there is any chance to control their spread, they must be found as soon as they invade.  Our AIS Early Detection Survey is designed after a program designed by the Wisconsin DNR to do just that, find them early.  We offer three levels of service to find starry stonewort, Eurasian watermilfoil, zebra mussels, spiny water flea, rusty crayfish and more. 


Other Aquatic Invasive Species Services:

  • AIS Risk AssessmentWe can help prioritize which lakes in a county are at a higher risk for spread (colonization) and which lakes foster livable conditions (suitability).
  • AIS MappingFor lakes with invasive species, we can determine where hotspots are within the lake and/or map populations for chemical and/or mechanical treatment.
  • AIS Experiments: We offer technical ability that enables us to evaluate the success of your approach to combating AIS.

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