Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants Surveys

Aquatic plant surveys are helpful for monitoring your lake’s health. This service identifies the types of plants, their abundance, and their coverage on lakes.  The data collected is used to create lake maps of good fish habitat, potential problem areas for excess surface matting types to keep an eye on, and identify invasive species.

Early detection and early treatment of invasive plants can save you money by avoiding potential treatments in the future.

Another great option is to combine our aquatic plant survey with a nuisance aquatic plant delineation. (See below)

Our recommendation: Lakes with heavy usage to get a baseline plant survey every three to five years to track changes to lakes.

Aquatic Nuisance Plant Species & Control

Nuisance Aquatic Plant Delineation & Treatment figures out what types of plants are causing your lake problems. This test is important because treatment methods and timing are important factors when it comes to the type of plants causing the problem.  
We discuss different treatment options and help set you up with a treatment company that follows state laws.

Delineations are typically done for:

  • Curly leaf pondweed
  • Coontail
  • Eurasian water milfoil
  • Starry stonewort.
  • Invasive species

Having staff members trained and certified by the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center means you can be sure we can identify these types even though they are look-alikes to native plants.

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