Research Projects

Research Design

A research design is created to test a hypothesis and can range from being simple to vastly complicated. Developing a proper research design to test a hypothesis is a science in and of itself. It determines the

  • proper number of samples needed
  • the timing of the study
  • the methods of the study
  • the type of data to collect to address the hypothesis
  • and more

Likewise, statistics comes into play here. It’s used to test the data collected and determines whether the data supports the hypothesis.  Statistics, like research design, is a science that requires a background in mathematics and it can become very complicated.  Dr. Dan has taught proper use of research design and statistics at the university level for near a decade and has applied principles of both in his own research activities as published in leading scientific journals.   Let us help you to determine a good course of action for research design, data collection, and statistical analysis.  

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